Video in Recruitment

We have talked about Video before. Both as a means of communicating and providing content on your careers site and as an online interview tool. This is a further post on video as a content tool and we are showcasing a few examples as we go through which we hope will inspire you.
There is a saying that "one minute of video holds the same value as 1.8 million words". It's accredited to Forester Research and whilst 1.8 million does sound a lot, the point is that some suitably crafted video on your careers website can engage and communicate much more than most items of text.

In making your site more appealing and getting traffic from prospective candidates, Forrester also says that video content, on average, increases your changes of getting to the top of google searches by 53 times. So both from making more content and making your content likely to be read, video really does the business.

EG1- Google (youtube)

The marketing department of your organisation will likely know this already and many of you reading this will have video snippets on your corporate websites advertising product or for engaging customers. We would suggest, that video content can be just as valuable in your recruitment and hiring process. Videos often get shared and making them available online through the all pervasive youtube with links back to your careers is relatively cheap and cost effective. You can add video on your careers site but why not also - if its appropriate to the role - add it to the vacancy itself. With systems like ours its easily done and you can even add them to Linkedin pages and to your jobboard profiles.

You can get quite clever with video. And you can spend a lot if you get a TV production company in. Programmatic TV or in-banner video advertising can be really effective at reaching particular target groups but they do demand expertise and budget and thus are only feasible with the larger campaigns. Another technique is to use Interactive video. Here candidates can choose different options at points in the video which can make it more engaging for candidates and can feed them to different e.g. career options or information areas as appropriate.

EG2- Microsoft Research (youtube)

However, from what we see, we think simple, short and engaging videos that tell a story are the best. You don't need hollywood standard production to make a good video. Some of the ones that seem to work best include clips taken from mobile phones and staff interview snippets that are clearly not fully scripted. In this it appears, authenticity is key. After-all, candidates really want to hear what it would be like to work within your organisation. An overly 'glossy' production may make them wonder just how realistic things really are. In our view in making recruitment videos, you don't need to make things as slick as you would for customer use. In recuitment, authenticity will trump a slick production every time.

We are showing some youtube videos from three of the world's great computing companies by way of example in this post. Yes - all three have huge resources and they can afford the very best in terms of production. However, when you view each of these examples you will see that they mostly consist of interview snippets with their current staff, camera shots of the working environment and some snippets from their marketing videos. We would suggest almost any organisation could make a credible video using e.g. a mobile phone camera to take some video round the workplace and interleave this with some webcams of staff talking about what it is like working in your business. You also don't need a complicated story line or any 'plot'. Just make sure the snippets bring out the reasons why you think people would want to come and work in your organisation - you don't need a script writer. If marketing has some video, you can probably take a few snippets of that to add in as well. They don't need to be very long either. The Google example below is in our view a bit too long - Youtube themselves recommend you keep videos short. We would recommend as a general rule you don't exceed much over 4 minutes - and 1-2 minutes in length can often work really well.

So go on - add some video - you have no excuse now.

EG3 - Apple (youtube)