Social Media Explained by way of Donuts

Yes you can position each of the main Social Media platforms in terms of Donuts - See how you can here. Its a quick positioning of each of the major platforms.
Social Media is still all the rage - at least in some quarters. However a great piece was sent to us on positioning the various Social media options that people are currently using. We think it summarises how they relate and position to each other quite well.

Social Media Explained

Twitter - I am eating a Donut

facebook - I like Donuts

Foursquare - this is where I eat Donuts

Instagram - here is a vintage photo of my Donut.

Youtube - Here I am eating a Donut

Linkedin - my skills include Donut eating

Pinterest - hers a recipe for Donuts

lastFM - Now listening to Donuts

Google+ - I am a google employee who east Donuts