Looking for UK staff - advertise for free with one of our clients

A plug for one of our clients. However as the essential service is free and can be used by all Australian and NZ employers we think it appropriate to publicise to our readers. If you are interested in getting skilled staff from the UK who are particularly interested in moving to Australia/NZ give it a go. The site has details of visa ready candidates plus many who are partly down track.
Plug for readers – advertise to UK candidates free

We have been building a careers site for a client to link UK candidates who want to migrate to Australia and NZ with local employers in Australia and NZ. It’s called “Skilled British Workers” and you can reach the employers section at www.skilledbritishworkers.com. You can register and use the site for free, including posting your vacancies.

Our client, The Emigration Group, specialises in providing expert advice and support and has procured immigration visas for over 12,000 Brits seeking to 'Live the Dream' of a new life Down Under. They have won a number of awards for their work and run seminars and programmes in the UK directed at those looking to move to Australia or New Zealand. All their candidates are thus specifically looking to move to Australia or New Zealand and it is aimed only at UK candidates.

The site is designed to provide a useful free of charge and simple service for both candidates and employers . We have built it with vacancy management and talent pool facilities designed to be used akin to a job board. From an employer point of view, it is only open to Australia and New Zealand employers and hence candidates will only use the site if it is specifically Australia / NZ that they want to come to. Currently there are already some 175 employers and over 20,000 candidates who are registered. The vacancy manager part of the site is new and has just been added this month and the site already attracts interest from candidates for “hot job” categories.

The Emigration Group do offer optional services on the site for branding and advertising – clearly with the number of migrants they deal with, businesses will want to advertise to this group. However the essential features of the site are all free including advertising your vacancies. So if you want high quality skilled workers specifically interested in moving to Australia/New Zealand and who are from the UK and not somewhere else give it a go. Its free…

Australian and NZ Employers site is at: www.skilledbritishworkers.com