NZ moves up the "Prosperity" League table

Both NZ and Australia continue to be well regarded on international measures versus other countries. This survey however goes beyond others in getting underneath the factors that affect life within a country and will be we believe be of considerable interest to those considering a job move to either country.
A very interesting report was published by the Legatum Institute today. It places NZ up 5 places to No 5 on its global index of wealth and wellbeing which it assesses 110 countries. What makes the Legatum Prosperity Index different is that it is the only generally published global assessment of wealth and wellbeing that ranks countries by actual levels of wealth, life satisfaction or development producing rankings based on what they call the very foundations of prosperity i.e. those factors that will help drive economic growth and produce happy citizens over the long term. Anyway that is the idea. We have included a link to their site at the end and certainly don’t want to infringe any copywrite.

In summary from their site:
New Zealand is rated as No 5 in the world for 2010 (up 5 places - so their take is that things are getting relatively better in NZ). NZ rated as No 1 for Education - so the country’s education system by these measures is ranked best in the world. Government in NZ also did well being rated at No4 With personal Freedom at No 3 and Social Capital also at No3 (Social capital is broadly a measure of trust within a society and ability to reply on others). On the Ecomony NZ lagged somewhat making it only to 17th - seemingly the score was weakened by a general perception in NZ that things were worse than the figures would tell on their own (our words).

Australia is rated as No4 overall. Interestingly it only just beat NZ on Entrepreneurship and was behind on Education, Personal Feedom and Social Capital. Through did reasonably well on the Economy 8th.

The UK made it to No 13 and USA to no10. The Top rated country was Norway at No 1, which was judged to have the index’s highest overall balance across all measures.

The legatum Site is at