Study reveals reasons for NZ attracting new migrants

Study looks into the reasons what NZ is so popular with those considering a move
A by Immigration New Zealand and Investment New Zealand has found that most important reason investor migrants move to New Zealand is because of the country’s lifestyle. It was rated as a more important reason for these migrants than business and tax issues.

The report summarised that “It is clear that this decision to migrate is a heart decision ... emotive topics were far more resonant for these migrants than facts and rationality," The two top messages given being: “New Zealand is a great place to bring up a family” and “New Zealand is a small country with a strong sense of community”.

With an enviable lifestyle and being rated (relative to size) as being the second most popular country considered for emigration to. NZ has a lot to offer. This comes on the back of recent press concerns in NZ that they need to attract more skilled migrants to bolster the economy. So if lifestyle and family is particularly important to you then NZ is good place to consider.