Creating interesting Job Adverts

It seems creating interesting and compelling job adverts is still seen an area requiring development within HR (feedback at an event I attended last night). I think we will look at techniques on this issue in a later post but for now here are some of what I think are creative and interesting and effective adverts that may inspire.
I was at an HR event last night where unfortunately the speaker who was due to enlighten us all on recruitment practices etc cancelled last minute with a health problem. Given we were all there the organiser had all work in groups to brainstorm topics that that HR professional working in recruitment would find interesting. One of the topics that came up in the group I was in was “Writing Job Adverts”. Its seems there is still a fair bit of angst and uncertainty for many in Recruitment round how to write an appealing job advert. Quite a few were keen that someone would come up with training to help in this area. In my view whilst the basics might be taught the really creative side is something that is considerably less amenable to training. By way of inspiration on the creative side here are a some examples that have had some recognition by others so in that sense have proved to be effective at some level and are also a bit outside the norm. Note none of these adverts are online orientated. It is worth stating that you can be incredibly effective with some of the more ‘traditional methods’ and that social networking strategies are not the answer to everything (or arguably even most things).

1. We have featured Murder Burger of NZ before with their innovative job ads (see post on 26th September 2010 click How to generate_interest_from_a_job_advert). These guys really seem to be able to tap into viral ads and do so without overt social media PR. We actually heard about this one from a UK source showing that with the right creativity you can really get yourselves talked about all over the world even with next to no budget.


2. The Murder Burger Advert above is on the whacky end of the spectrum and fits in with their image and appeal to their customer base. However another interesting advert which we think shows how you can be creative is from McKinsey in the US. This type of advert can be applied online but the point is it is designed to both appeal to their target audience who like solving problems and to weed out those who are not great at maths. Note the company name is mentioned on the Ad.


3. A London one to finish off. Here Huddle specifically targeted Yammer employees just after the announcement that Yammer had been acquired by Microsoft. It's not exactly subtle but we did hear it got a fair response. Nice and simple and certainly would show Yammer employees that someone was interested in them.