Christchurch Earthquake

Our thoughts on the affect of the quake and how New Zealand has coped - admirably in fact.
Phew... With all due respect to the feelings of those who have lost property and /or were injured in the quake. It does however look currently as if it could have been a lot worse. Press comment has put it as equivalent in richter rating to Haiti which of course resulted in huge loss of life.

Main reason for posting this is to comment on how New Zealand and New Zealanders in particular have coped with it. Frankly from what we have seen and heard (we are based in Auckland some 1000km away) the locals of Christchurch have shown themselves to be community spirited, concerned for others and full of get up and go. The government too has come out of this well with a well received response. Seems quite different from other disasters round the world - Katrina in the US comes to mind. A different disaster of course, however no widespread looting or crime in Christchurch and many many stories of people helping each other.

For those considering careers in New Zealand this event has, to us, illustrated many of the qualities associated with this wonderful country; resilience, resourcefulness, concern for others to name a but a few. Whilst the quake has caused considerable damage and anguish but we think the response is showing a positive advert for why people might come here. If you are worried about future earthquakes etc do remember that Australia had one in 1989 and that last Easter even the UK was badly affected by a volcano. The lesson being that a natural disaster can happen anywhere and to anyone. Living and working in a society like NZ which in Christchurch minimised the effects by prompt and well structured community action makes a big difference.