Australian Companies need more Skilled people

Skills shortages in Australian Companies causing concern. Studies looking into what is happening.
The National Centre for Vocational Education has done a study that reveals almost a third of Australian companies are saying skills shortages will hold back their operations this year. The report advises some 15,000 fewer people started trade apprenticeships or traineeships last year. In sectors as vital as construction, electronics and automotive, the fall was 20% of total number of internships in the previous year.

Whilst we at FBR are more interested in Finance and technology sectors to support our candidates - another study from the Australian Industry Group survey has widely been reported confirming this trend. It shows nearly 50% of the companies surveyed expect to limit their operations within the next five years, with some even reporting that is already happening with skills shortages being linked as a causal.

We can only hope that this will spill over into the political side given the debate of the recent election where both sides have been looking adding more controls on migrant numbers to appease what the politicians seems perceive to be the publics concern over more migration and ethnic diversity.