IPOD Carnage...? This time its the UK

An amusing report into the dangers of using an Ipod. Why do they bother...?
The UK’s AA has produced a report highlighting the dangers of what they call “iPod oblivion,”. It goes on to observe “a trance-like or Zombie state entered by some people using MP3 players, phones and electronic organisers on the move,”. This they say is a contributory factor to up to 500 pedestrian deaths in the UK each year.

The report says patrol staff have seen “a marked increase” in pedestrians and joggers who seem “oblivious to traffic around them as they cross busy roads,”. AA Insurance are claiming that pedestrian inattention could be behind as many as 17 collisions every day. The insurer adds that lack of awareness of surroundings lies behind more than half of claims involving pedestrians it receives with in one in five of those cases, the vehicle had been damaged when the driver swerved to avoid the pedestrian and instead hit something else such as a bollard, lamp post or another car.

It seems we are also not immune. In NSW police have launched a poster campaign warning of the dangers to pedestrians of their wearing headphones. The Pew Research Center finding that nearly one in five pedestrians who own a mobile phone had bumped into someone or something after being distracted by using their phone, whether talking or texting, while one in four adults admitted to texting at the wheel.

We say.Have Ipods, headphones etc become a menace. Do they threaten the future of the Insurance Industry with rapidly escalating claims? Should they be subject to compulsory insurance given what seems to be these huge risk. Or is this a silly season story that well meaning organisations have put out and we should be left to shoulder these risks as individuals? Send us an email with your views and observations especially any humourous ones to: enquires@firstbusinessrecruitment.co with “Road Carnage” in the subject line.