Road Carnage in NZ and Australia...?!

Join a debate sponsored by the recent press focus on the road accident rates: are drivers in New Zealand and Australia any worse that those elsewhere? Have your say.
Are Australian and New Zealand drivers worse than other counties?

It seems that the press in both countries has been lately exercised over the road casualty figures.
In New Zealand the focus - currently - is on the drink driving limits with much anguish around the number failing the current legal limits and the accident tool from drivers over the limit. Our view is that if the current limit seems not to be working as the politicians advise than seems a tad premature to lower it even further...

In Australia a Newspoll survey finds 99% of drivers have experienced unsafe and potentially life-threatening behaviour on our roads. Examples given include: Lane changing without indicators, tailgating, cutting in and driving while talking on mobile phones occur with alarming regularity according to the survey. Of the drivers surveyed, 88 per cent have witnessed drivers queue jumping, 87 per cent had seen motorists running a red light and 91 per cent had witnessed pedestrians crossing the road in a dangerous manner.

Are things really that bad relative to other counties...?

We will look to see how other countries compare and see if things really are that different down under. Also does this mean that the cost to Insurers is higher? Send us an email with your views and observations especially humours ones to: with “Road Carnage” in the subject line.